Inspirational Story

Every Friday night until his death in 1973, the old man would visit a broken-down pier on the Florida coast. Walking slowly and somewhat stooped, he carried a large bucket of shrimp. Sea gulls flocked to the old man who fed them from his bucket. During World War II, that man flew on a mission in a B-17 to deliver a message to General Douglas MacArthur in New Guinea. Somewhere over the South Pacific, he became lost, fuel ran out, and he and his men ditched in the ocean. For eight days and nights, they lived in their rafts, surrounded by sharks, and fearing starvation.Do you not remember the five loaves for the five thousand, and how many baskets you gathered?Matthew 16:9

But as Captain Eddie Rickenbacker recalled it, on the eighth day while he was nearly passed out from the oppressive heat, something landed on his head, and he knew it was a sea gull. He caught the bird, and the men ate its flesh, using other parts as bait for fishing.  They spent a total of 24 days lost at sea until their rescue. His Friday walks with buckets of shrimp were a remembrance of the long-ago day where a sea gull gave itself without a struggle so that he and his men might eat and find the strength to go on.

In today’s passage, Jesus urges his disciples to remember a miraculous event. But He also wanted them to develop spiritual insight, and the faith required for understanding who Jesus is and what He does. It is easy to remember without understanding. Do you remember what He has done for you with gratitude? Do you really trust His provisions for you?

Pray for greater understanding of the penalty Christ paid on the cross for you. Pray for members of Congress to remember that the Lord has a call upon their lives also, and to respond with faith and understanding.Recommended for Further Reading: Matthew 16:5-12

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