Meditation for 06/14/2019

“They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of he knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah11:9)

The prophetic vision of the day of the Lord saw the earth covered with the knowledge of God. Whether through missionary outreach and/or millennial reign, the manner in which it would be accomplished was not clearly set forth by the prophet.

The knowledge of God will one day flood the earth. Every person will know and serve God. That is a part of what salvation is really all about.


Abba, You gave the vision to the prophets of what they were to say and tell others, about the day when the knowledge of God would flood the earth as will water. Meanwhile, as Your servants today, we seek guidance from the Holy Spirit to reach out to as many people as we are able now, so that our service for You honors You as well. By our opening ourselves to You through Christ Jesus, we are saying that we are Your people and are already serving You now, not sometime in the future. For the salvation and eternal life we have accepted from You, it is the very least that we can do, to reach out to others with the gospel of salvation. Amen


Nothing I do to punish another for hurting me, brings me healing!


“He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” declares the Lord. (Jeremiah22:16)

To know God is to do His will. Personal wealth gained by making others suffer is worthless. One who practices corrupt economic practices against the poor and needy, does not sow a living relationship with God. To know the Lord is to defend the poor and needy and treat them justly. God’s blessing upon those whose lives are characterized by such service. People today need the power and the blessing that come from knowing the Lord. The knowledge of God includes defending the cause of the poor and needy. To know God means to love Him supremely. That means to serve needy people with loving concern. Clear enough?


Salvation, Knowledge of God: (1st John4:6-8)

Beloved, the way you reach out to help the poor and needy, those whom cannot do anything for you, is the best way to see just how important your relationship with God through Christ Jesus truly is. If you help people with the intent to look good in front of others, then your understanding of service is not related to a relationship with our Father in heaven, nor with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Conversely, if we see people struggling with a problem and we help them out of the love of Christ, then the strength of our faith is evident to all.

Second Thought of the Day:

Then they asked him, “Where is your Father?” “You do not know me or my Father, “ Jesus replied. “If you knew me, you would know my Father also.” “Though you do not know him, I know him. If I said I did not, I would be a liar like you, but I do know him and keep his word.” (John 8:19, 55)

Jesus is nearing the cross and yet the disciples who have walked with Him and talked with Him and eaten with Him are asking the question about the Father. His direct answer is, “If you knew me, you would know my Father also.”

A close personal relationship is one whereby people live and work together, becoming knowledgeable about those they are in relationship with. Simply put, the Father and Jesus are one in the same. If you see one, you see the other; thus, if you know one and how they live and work and care for others, then you know the other just as well.

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