And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.” (Genesis 45:5)

Beloved, God’s leadership may perplex us. He led Joseph via a slaves’ prison. The prison setting made it possible for Joseph to come to Pharaoh’s attention. He recognized that God had been guiding his life to bless many people through him, including the brothers who had sold him into slavery.

The account is punctuated with references to God’s blessing and leadership in his life. We should recognize and acknowledge His leadership in our own lives, and know that He only wants the best for us.


Precious Abba, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, but God had already designed a plan that would come to bless Joseph and his whole family at a later time. Joseph had doors open to him, because of his obedience to God, even to unbelievers. Because this is true, God blessed him by putting him into a positive relationship with the king and the king rewarded him by placing him in a very responsible position to not take revenge on his brothers, but to reward them and his whole family. His brothers were ready for him to take revenge upon them, but instead he welcomed them and blessed them and provided food for them in the time of famine. Once again, we are to model righteous living, both for our leaders and for our families. Jesus did this for us, and it is in His name we pray this. Amen


When you harbor bitterness,, happiness will dock elsewhere!


Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. (Exodus 19:5)

God’s people live in covenant relationship with Him. They serve God under the conditions of the covenant. Christian disciples still find moral and spiritual guidance from the basic moral law of exodus 20:1-17 as we serve God’s purposes.


Abba, Father,” he said, ‘everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.’” (Mark 14:36)

Jesus used a familiar Aramaic word, “Abba,” to address His Heavenly Father. The term is not lacking respect but is full of affection. Here the Son agonized with the Father, struggling from His human side to avoid the maximum price if possible. Yet the fully obedient Lord was prepared to give Himself totally, for He came to fulfill the revealed will of the Father. Jesus’ commitment to the will of the Father is to the basic characteristic of the kingdom of God. Such commitment makes the sovereign rule of a God a reality in the lives of His people. This is a very personal prayer between Jesus and our Father. “The last line echoes in my ears and I pray yours also, “Yet not what I will, but what you will.”

Second Thought of the Day:

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27)

This will make little or no sense to those who have not accept God through His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. They may have a logical sense of the words, but it is hollow and non-sustaining to them. However, once they have been presented with the Gospel Message of Salvation, they can no longer say, it makes no sense.

True disciples hear the Lord’s vice and follow Him. They know the security being united with Him. They neither complain nor rebel. They obey. Simply put, discipleship is total obedience to Christ. He know them and they know Him and they can no longer deny His call on our lives.

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