Sermon for Trinity Sunday 06/12/2022

Psalm 8; Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Romans 5:1-5; John 16-12-15

Two things touched me in our reading from Psalms. God’s created world eloquently testifies to its Maker’s grandeur. From the starry universe on high to the small children, everything speaks of the Creator’s wisdom and resourcefulness. Secondly, contemplating the nighttime sky, the psalmist gained new revelation concerning the smallness of human beings compared to His vast creation. Smallness does not mean lack of power or importance. The psalmist laid awake long enough to grasp the reality of God’s purpose for people and creation is awe-inspiring. God has all power and authority and rules over the earth. No human ruler has such power apart from Gd and one day, all people will recognize that authority.

In the reading from Proverbs, it tells us that viewed as a person, wisdom extends an invitation to learning to everyone. She is not confined to academic halls or classrooms; rather she walks the streets, moving among the people, standing in crowded thoroughfares. This is a biblical picture of the modern ideal of universal, lifelong learning, in which people can and can gain treasures of the mind and heart worth far more than material resources. God desires to tech us His ways through every experience of live.

Wisdom should be the guide and goal for life because wisdom was a possession of God in creation, is an eternal aspect of God’s being, and underlies all other elements of creation. It gives the world continuity. All elements are interrelated. The world is constituted in such a way that those who cooperate with God’s basic laws find the natural world sustains their life. God’s natural and moral laws make sense when viewed from the Creator’s wisdom. To obey these laws shows good judgment.

From Romans we learned that the Holy Spirit provides the believer’s guarantee. Paul wrote of the past (We have been justified), the present (we have peace), and the future (the hope of the glory of God) aspects of salvation. The gift of the Spirit to Christians is an assurance that in the future our hopes will be fulfilled. Through the Spirit, God pours His love into our hearts. God demonstrated His love by the cross and so the pouring of His love into Christians hearts through the Spirit includes the Spirit’s continuing witness to Christ. This hope tin love guaranteeing our future with God dos not protect us from suffering. It provides courage to endue present problems in face of future reward.

Beloved from our Gospel of John tells us that God through the Holy Spirit is the ultimate Author of Scripture. He is also the only adequate Interpreter of Scripture. No human has full authority to interpret Scripture for another. Each person can rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth. That which we gain from the Spirit we should proclaim fervently and live out completely. We cannot force that belief on another, however, as human interpreters under the Spirit, we remain open to misunderstanding. The Spirit seeks to bring glory to Jesus, so that all true interpretation of Scripture will glorify the Christ. Christ remains the ultimate revelation of God. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we do not know everything we need to know to follow Christ. God knows. He gives us the knowledge we need, when we need it through the Holy Spirit. By the ministry of the Spirit Jesus exercises His lordship over His disciples. Without the daily experience of the Spirit we cannot be effective disciples; thus, we must ask and seek the Spirit in all that we do and say, honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen


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