The Best Times of Our Lives

In 1946, one of my favorite movies was released. It was the story of three World War II veterans (Fred, Al and Homer) facing difficulties as they re-enter civilian life. Fred (Dana Andrews) is a war hero who, unable to compete with more highly skilled workers, has to return to his low-wage soda jerk job. Bank executive Al (Fredric March) gets into trouble for offering favorable loans to veterans. After losing both hands in the war, Homer (Harold Russell) returns to his loving fiance but must struggle to adjust to life without his hands.

It was a time when many veterans were coming home and all were trying to figure out how they would fit back in to the new world that had changed in five long years. The reason I bring this movie up is that for many years following WWII, our leaders in Washington were also veterans, which meant they had left the comforts of home to go to a faraway lands, fighting for the interests of our country. There was roughly half of Congress that were veterans, and they gave a sense of duty to their jobs, that affected those who had not served.

Today, our country is in such a turmoil, people outwardly hating others, there are protests, and people being attacked, just because they are in the way at the moment someone wants to lash out at another. People are outwardly divided between the two candidates and the air is filled with the possibility of outright war in the streets if one’s candidate is not elected. I find this very sad. We cannot ever find solutions if people will not work together to work together in a civil manner to resolve our problems.

Today, as I have been praying for the last six months, I pray for God to intercede on behalf of all of His people (the ones who love and recognize Him and those who deny His very existence), to bring us closer together and even if ones candidate is not elected, let us all realize that nothing positive happens if we don’t work together to resolve our problems.

I pray that we won’t see the likes of terror in the streets, where small businesses are destroyed, in the name of helping them; that in the forefront of our minds, is to make America a land of people seeking what is right for everyone, and not just for some. I pray that in the final analysis, we realize that God is the only true solution to most of our problems and that we need to turn back to Him and not away from Him. If this occurs, we really might just see, “The Best Times of Our Lives.” This I pray in His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


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