Sermon for 4th Sunday After Pentecost – 07-03-2022

Psalm 71:8-14; Acts 17:10-12; 1st Corinthians 1:21-25; Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

Beloved, the psalm today tells us that the gospel is good news that God has acted to meet our needs. In the Old Testament His acts included helping individuals escape their enemies’ cruel plans. In the New Testament He acted in Jesus Christ to provide eternal salvation. In both Testaments God’s people respond in hope and praise, testifying to all who will listen to God’s mighty acts. Your an share God’s gracious acts. So can senior citizens! Our responsibility is to be sure that the next generation knows what God has done for us, and that He will continue to do so. This leads us to evangelize with strength of scripture and God’s Word springs forth to support this day’s efforts of increasing the kingdom of God on this earth.

Our lesson from Acts teaches us that when people honestly search the Scriptures, they discover the gospel (John 5:34 -39: “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his worked. Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest?’ I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. Thus the saying ‘One sow and another reaps’ is true. I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefit of their labor.” Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.”) The Word of God is powerful. In Berea, this openness to God’s truth resulted in many conversions.

In 1st Corinthians we read of the power and wisdom of God. Christian preaching has a basic element summarizing the gospel. The Greek word “Kerygma” is used to indicate this basic core. It centers on seven elements: 1) Jesus Christ; 2) He lived a lived supremely victorious, sinless life doing good; 3) He died on the cross in our place to atone for the penalty of our sins; 4) He was bodily raised from the dead; 5) He is coming again to end this present evil age; 6) He calls all people to repentance and faith; and 7) He promises forgiveness, redemption, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and eternal life. The world calls the “Kergma” foolishness. Believers know it is God’s wise way of leading to salvation, and I pray that each of you do as well.

Finally in our Gospel from Luke for today, these passages presents several principles in Christ’s call to evangelize. 1) There is an open field of great need; 2) prayer for God-called workers is vital; 3) Christ’s witnesses will experience persecution and pressure as they respond to the God to present His messages for the people we live with, work with, and beyond; 4) God will provide for all of our needs to do the work He has called us to; 5) Christian service attempts to meet all manner of needs; 6) and evangelistic partner gives strength to witnessing; 7) Judgment is certain to show who reject the message of salvation; 8) the Lord identifies with and gives His power to His faithful witnesses; 9) Satan and opposition will be routed before the power of Christ; 10) enlisting people as citizens of heaven is the most important task; 11) effective witnessing brings joy to our Lord; and 12) taking part in God’s great work of world evangelization is a privilege.

One of the most effective tools you can depend upon, is your own; that you were living a different life-style and God intervened and touched your heart as only He can. This will touch other’s hearts, because it is true and the message come across clear and to the point. As we use these principles in witnessing to God’s grace in Christ, we will be find success, as it is not for us but for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The parables He taught were easy for His audience to understand in their own every day lives and the message touched hearts. Amen

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